How We Learn to Trust (Video)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Carrie Palmquist for a virtual Science Cafe. Dr. Palmquist studies the social and cultural clues that kids use to understand and navigate the world, including who to trust and who not to trust. Our interview for a general audience digs into her research on childhood learning and nonverbalContinue reading “How We Learn to Trust (Video)”

Inherited Trauma

People who live through trauma such as the Holocaust or slavery are not the only people suffering from the biological and psychological effects of that trauma. The effects of trauma can be experienced in subsequent generations via epigenetics. In this article, I outline the major findings of several groundbreaking studies on the epigenetics of trauma.Continue reading “Inherited Trauma”

Built Different

Alzheimer’s and depression are more commonly diagnosed in women, while Parkinson’s is more commonly diagnosed in men. Why is that? Alzheimer’s, depression, and Parkinson’s are just a few examples of disorders that affect females and males differently. Recent research found differences in male and female brains that might account for these sex differences in pathology.Continue reading “Built Different”

Going on Autopilot? Thank Your Place Cells

Have you ever found yourself at work in the morning without any specific memories from the commute? How did you manage to get there without thinking about it? Does your brain know how to get you there effortlessly? Pretty much! There are “place cells” in your brain who’s job is to take over in theseContinue reading “Going on Autopilot? Thank Your Place Cells”