Why We Don’t Keep Resolutions

In the Summer of 2020, it is easy to tell ourselves that we’ll call our representatives and sign that petition in the hopes of making change for a better world. But why are the rates of follow-through so low? Why don’t more people do these simple tasks that would have such high impact? There are,Continue reading “Why We Don’t Keep Resolutions”

Going on Autopilot? Thank Your Place Cells

Have you ever found yourself at work in the morning without any specific memories from the commute? How did you manage to get there without thinking about it? Does your brain know how to get you there effortlessly? Pretty much! There are “place cells” in your brain who’s job is to take over in theseContinue reading “Going on Autopilot? Thank Your Place Cells”


One man’s illness is another man’s experimental verification method. What is immunohistochemistry and why would we need it? When we want to make specific cells stand out in a crowded jumble, we turn to antibodies and fluorescence. Scientists have developed a tool to study the brain based on the body’s natural immune response. If youContinue reading “Immunohistochemistry”

Brain Surgery… It’s Not Rocket Science!

I know brain surgery sounds intimidating. Someone who does brain surgeries on a regular basis must be a genius! In reality, it’s probably much lower tech than you’re imagining. I performed my first brain surgery at 19 years old. If you’re interested in neurobiology but are intimidated by the idea of brain surgery, take aContinue reading “Brain Surgery… It’s Not Rocket Science!”

Why Does Alcohol Make You Dizzy?

Your liver can only do so much at once. When you drink more alcohol than your liver can process at the time, it gets released into your bloodstream and into a fluid called the endolymph in your ears. This fluid sloshes around your ears to give you a sense of how your body is orientedContinue reading “Why Does Alcohol Make You Dizzy?”