Research Guidance

Whether you’re trying to break in or you’re in the thick of it, I’ve compiled some tips and perspective that I hope will help you through your research journey.

Mentoring Musings

As a PhD candidate, I have the opportunity to mentor students that I work with while I am simultaneously mentored by my own advisors. This perspective allows me to reflect on my experiences as a mentee and mentor and adjust my mentorship practices in real time. Such reflections have led me to 10 considerations thatContinue reading “Mentoring Musings”

WEIRD Science

Who is actually included in the scientific process? This question goes beyond the researchers and into the unethical past of human research. Read more in my article published on That’s Life [Science] blog.

Getting Into a Lab

What to say, who to contact, and how to reach out shouldn’t be some big secret. Whether you’d like to dip your toes in the water of working in a lab or if you think this will be your life’s calling, the first step will likely be the same. This post walks you through someContinue reading “Getting Into a Lab”


One man’s illness is another man’s experimental verification method. What is immunohistochemistry and why would we need it? When we want to make specific cells stand out in a crowded jumble, we turn to antibodies and fluorescence. Scientists have developed a tool to study the brain based on the body’s natural immune response. If youContinue reading “Immunohistochemistry”

Managing Up

In many ways, the PhD is not so much about science as it is about communication. I’ve learned lessons about how to more effectively communicate with coworkers, advisors, students of all ages, and peers. These lessons don’t always come easily, but they are valuable no matter where I go from here. Anyone with a bossContinue reading “Managing Up”

Is Science for Women?

In the 21st century, a woman can do whatever she wants. If she wants to be an epidemiologist or a geologist, the world is at her fingertips. Some working environments still have not embraced this fact, but she will find a way if science is her passion. On the other hand, are the studies conductedContinue reading “Is Science for Women?”

Pipettes and Paintbrushes

What does science look like to you? The answer might be different if you’re a computational neuroscientist vs a plant biologist vs a potter vs a textiles specialist. In the second year of my PhD, I organized an art/science collaboration called “Pipettes and Paintbrushes” through my connections with That’s Life [Science]. I paired volunteers withContinue reading “Pipettes and Paintbrushes”


Looking to get involved in science outreach? I’ve had some really great experiences partnering with the Eureka! program through my graduate institution, UMass Amherst. I have participated in this Summer program run by Girls Inc. every year since I moved to Western Massachusetts for my PhD. It’s all about empowering young women to explore STEMContinue reading “Eureka!”

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