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I have enjoyed working with several outreach organizations ranging from regional to international. My favorites are listed below.

SciShow is a science education YouTube channel that answers your random questions about the world. These videos are designed for the non-scientist and scientist alike to marvel at nature’s complexity.

Enago is an international editing group that helps non-native English speakers publish their scientific findings in English language journals.

That’s Life [Science] is an internationally read blog run entirely by graduate students at UMass Amherst. We put out a new post every Monday!

Skype a Scientist is an online international program that partners scientists with classrooms of shared interest. You sign up for as many or as few one-time online video lessons as your schedule permits and it only takes an hour out of your day to teach students across the world.

Letters to a Pre-Scientist is a United States based pen-pal program that partners scientists with students that may not otherwise have exposure to research.

STEM Ambassador Program is a national mentorship program housed in various universities across the United States. It partners older and younger undergraduate students to achieve success at their institution, as well as providing graduate student and professional guidance for undergraduates to reach beyond their university.

The Girl Scouts provide girls with “courage, confidence, and character” through hands-on learning experiences. They are always excited to partner with scientists for a badge event. We particularly enjoy the outdoor adventure badge!

Girls Inc empowers girls to be “strong, smart, and bold,” especially during adolescence when many girls drop off from STEM exploration. We are lucky to have annual visits with these girls at UMass to show them what science and scientists can look like.

Science Cafe is a local event held once every month for the Amherst community. UMass PhD students across the life sciences interview the researchers in their own community in front of a live audience. We bring research to the public and give them a chance to ask questions that matter to them.

MUSE is a mentorship program for underrepresented groups in science. Although I do not participate in this organization, it was started by a peer of mine in the PhD program at UMass.

The Future Brighter is a STEM education organization started by one of the students that I work with, Harrish Ganesh! He channeled his drive and passion for science into a program that helps engage grade school students in thought and discovery. Watch his first place presentation at the Harvard 2020 Community Project Pitch Competition. Read more about his HIV studies here.

Contact Diverse Scientists to Speak at Your Next Event!

The Society for Neuroscience has lists of neuroscientists from a variety of backgrounds.

Or you may be looking for STEM professionals more broadly.

Are you interested in hearing from a queer scientist?

If you are looking to add diversity to your job search, grant review panel, collaborators, and more, CAISE has a convenient drop down menu for professional availability.

The American Physical Society has a list of physicists from diverse backgrounds.

Microbiologists are compiled in this open list so you can even add yourself if you are interested in being a speaker.

Finally, geneticists are compiled on this open list.

Email me with more resources and I’ll add them here!

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