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Check out what I consider to be some of the most exciting research findings of today.

You can find this image from my research as a finalist in the “Images of Research” competition @umass_opd or @umassOPD.

Inherited Trauma

People who live through trauma such as the Holocaust or slavery are not the only people suffering from the biological and psychological effects of that trauma. The effects of trauma can be experienced in subsequent generations via epigenetics. In this article, I outline the major findings of several groundbreaking studies on the epigenetics of trauma.Continue reading “Inherited Trauma”

Built Different

Alzheimer’s and depression are more commonly diagnosed in women, while Parkinson’s is more commonly diagnosed in men. Why is that? Alzheimer’s, depression, and Parkinson’s are just a few examples of disorders that affect females and males differently. Recent research found differences in male and female brains that might account for these sex differences in pathology.Continue reading “Built Different”

COVID-19 Stinks!

We’ve been enduring this global pandemic for about a year now (depending on where you live), and it is nothing to mess around with. The number of confirmed cases keeps rising with the holiday season and increased visits that come with it. Even with the growing risk of COVID-19, many people are not taking itContinue reading “COVID-19 Stinks!”

Bang! “Ouch” *Grab*

When you bang your elbow on a table, why is your first instinct to grab it? This response might have something to do with how your sensory neurons process information. To learn more about this phenomenon, check out my article on That’s Life [Science].

Expand Your Mind

Part of our challenge in studying the brain is that it has such small components. For a huge part of human history, we just haven’t had the technology to see neural communication. We continue to be limited by available technology. But one lab is quickly making a name for themselves by thinking outside the boxContinue reading “Expand Your Mind”

The Feelings that Linger

Have you noticed that all it takes is one bad event to completely ruin an otherwise wonderful day? Why do we devote so much brain power to fixating on the negative when we’d be so much happier by fixating on the positive? It all comes down to evolution. Because of the life-threatening nature of manyContinue reading “The Feelings that Linger”


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