Lab Discoveries

Check out what I consider to be some of the most exciting research findings of today.

Bang! “Ouch” *Grab*

When you bang your elbow on a table, why is your first instinct to grab it? This response might have something to do with how your sensory neurons process information. To learn more about this phenomenon, check out my article on That’s Life [Science].

Expand Your Mind

Part of our challenge in studying the brain is that it has such small components. For a huge part of human history, we just haven’t had the technology to see neural communication. We continue to be limited by available technology. But one lab is quickly making a name for themselves by thinking outside the boxContinue reading “Expand Your Mind”

Fat is Good for Your Brain

Have you ever wondered what your brain is made of? Turns out there’s a lot of fat up there. And you’re lucky there is! The fat in your brain plays an important role in speeding up your thought processes. Read more in my article published on That’s Life [Science].

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